John Joyes

1/7/1966 – 8/7/2010

John Joyes began tattooing in Oxford, England in 1981. His work would lead him to move to the United States in 1985 to open State of the Art Tattooing in Winchester, VA.

High quality color work and specially prepared inks continue to dazzle tattoo enthusiasts, with his work consistently winning awards.

While John is considered to be one of the premier artists of the Japanese Tradition style, his work spans many genres and is always tailored to the individual being tattooed.


Jordan Joyes

Jordan Joyes has spent her entire life immersed in the world of tattooing. Her life-long study of the craft is evident in the quality of her work.

Licensed to tattoo in the state of Virginia, Jordan enjoys all styles of tattooing, and particularly likes working on large, colorful pieces.


Tony Browning

Tony Browning began tattooing in 1982 and has won many awards during his tattooing career. He has worked as a tattoo artist in Virginia, Nebraska, and Hawaii.

While Tony prefers realistic tattoos he enjoys all tattooing styles and specializes in portraits which exhibit the excellence of his art.

Additionally, he enjoys painting in watercolor and drawing. Tony has drawn many design sheets and custom works for his clients over the years.

Micky Connolly

Micky started and completed his apprenticeship here at State of the Art under Jordan Joyes and Tony Browning. He is a very talented graphic artist and painter with lots of ambition in transferring his skill set to tattooing. He is in his first two years as a licensed artist and is already creating beautiful custom pieces both small and large, and is constantly providing all of his clients with a one of a kind tattoo.




Aaron performs body piercing at State of the Art Tattooing. For additional details, call the shop at (540) 667-9050.



State of the Art Tattooing is open Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Walk-ins are accepted, but please call to confirm artist availability.


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